We are eminently qualified and fully experienced in representing both corporate businesses and individuals either in Greece or abroad, providing reliable legal advice in the areas of Civil, Commercial and Tax Law. Our long experience and our excellent team (tax-consultants, notaries, bailiffs, engineers, technical advisers, experts etc) enable us to offer optimal and effective solutions in every case.

We are particularly specialised in cases involving foreign elements, such as German and English-speaking countries, thanks to our experience in providing legal advice and assistance to an extended clientele of foreign corporations and individuals whose business or individual activities evolve within Greece.

Through our national and international legal cooperation network, we also provide complete legal coverage to Greek-registered companies and Greek residents looking for business opportunities abroad - especially in German and English-speaking countries.

Karamanidis-Sergiadis Law Office has a long-standing presence in Thessaloniki.  Since 1985, it has been providing high standard legal services to its respectable clientele, establishing their trust and resulting in significant return business.